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Meet my friend spotty.

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The Blue Whale is known to be the largest mammal ever to have existed weighing 190000 kg and an average of 25-27 meters long  and have an exclusive diet of krill. Due to their impressive size and speed whaling ships didn’t initially target the blue whale but due to advances in technology the whales are easier to track which means they’re easier to hunt. The whaling industry began hunting them as a main priority after 1900. More then 360000 whales were killed between 1904 and 1967. The whales are now illegal to hunt commercially but are still subject to many threats such as noise and chemical pollution. There is an estimated amount of 5000 individuals remaining but the population is increasing though japen still hunts them for their meat. But due to the close monitoring of these whales they are protected. Even though this amazing animal may see an increase in its population over time other species wont and could be extinct very soon.


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